Event Safety Management

A fully integrated approach to event compliance

Ecosafety Music Events - AviciiHave you ever had to plan an event from start to finish, or wondered how an event you attended turned out to be so great? The answer is efficient and effective event management.

Ecosafety specialises in the safety, security, medical and environmental aspects of event management. These event safety management services are extremely important and without a well coordinated and integrated approach, there can be disastrous consequences.

Event Safety / Security / Medical / Environmental Services:


Safety is a critical component of event management and can be catastrophic if not managed correctly. The Ecosafety safety teams are experienced in handling events of all types and size to ensure the safety of your patrons.

Safety Planning

At the event planning stage we assess the potential risks presented by the proposed venue and activities, and advise our clients on the most effective way of mitigating these risks.

Event Permits

We prepare and submit all event permit applications and compile the necessary plans for the event safety file, including the safety, security and medical plans. All contractors/suppliers are audited in terms of the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, 2010 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act,1993.

Safety Officers

We provide full-time safety officers on site for events, including build-up and break-down, to ensure compliance with the event safety laws and regulations.


Event security puts your audience at ease by knowing that they will be protected should something go wrong. Ecosafety only uses the most professional security teams to secure your events and keep everyone safe.

Security Officers

We provide event trained security officers for events of any size. All our security officers are qualified and PSIRA registered.

Security Consulting

We provide a full spectrum of security services from security consulting at the event planning stage, to competent guarding and supervision during all phases of the event.

VIP Close Protection

We provide close protection operatives and drivers for the higher end clients requiring a higher level of security.


We provide experienced chaperone drivers and shuttle services to prevent drinking and driving.

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Our on-site event medical teams are highly skilled and have the ability to deal with any medical emergencies with speed and precision. They also have the ability to call in additional medical assistance if the need arises.

Medical Staff

We provide the necessary medical staff to suit the needs of any event. We prepare a medical plan before every event that assesses the number and type of medic required; from basic / intermediate / advanced life support paramedics to doctors. The medical plan also identifies the location of the medical posts and emergency vehicle routes.

Ambulance Services

We provide fully staffed medical vehicles (ambulances, response vehicles and medical golf carts) for events. Our medical teams are highly skilled and trained professionals.


Environmental management has become a very important element in modern event management. Legal requirements are becoming stricter and the general public now demand higher levels of environmental control, sustainability and accountability. Proper planning, exercising on-site control and obtaining the necessary approvals is therefore essential.

Environmental Management Plans

We prepare environmental management plans for events being held in environmentally sensitive or protected areas, such as beaches or in national parks.

Environmental Control Officers

We provide qualified Environmental Control Officers to ensure compliance with the requirements of the event environmental management plan and the National Environmental Management Act and Regulations.

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