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Ecosafety construction projects - No.1 SiloThe construction industry is an industry that is inherently associated with health, safety and environmental risks. Along with the need to protect workers and members of the public comes the ever-increasing need for construction companies to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Construction services from Ecosafety covers these two very important components of construction management. Our consultants are registered and experienced in the field of construction and provide world-class construction services.

Health & Safety

Ecosafety is a registered Construction Health and Safety Agent with the Association for Construction Health and Safety Management. As an important component of Ecosafety’s construction services, our health and safety consultants have all the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to ensure a safe and secure working environment for everyone on and around the construction site.

Environmental Construction Services

Ecosafety offers a full spectrum of environmental services to take construction projects from planning to completion.

Environmental Impact Assessments

We prepare environmental impact assessments and manage the public participation processes.

Environmental Management Plans

We prepare environmental management plans for construction projects in accordance with the requirements of the National Environmental Management Act.

Environmental Control Officers

We provide qualified Environmental Control Officers to ensure compliance with the project environmental management plan during construction.

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